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For those seeking to purchase or sell gold bullion in the UK, explore our online store. We offer an extensive selection of bullion bars and coins at competitive prices. Baldwin’s Bullion stands as one of the UK’s oldest and most esteemed destinations for acquiring gold bullion.

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As London’s preferred gold dealer and precious metal ally, Baldwin’s Bullion serves private clients and family offices worldwide. Acknowledging the distinct requirements of every client, we collaborate with you to craft a strategy according to your goals and budget.

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You have the option to sell your gold and silver bullion to us either in person at our London retail store or conveniently over the phone, with the entire process taking just a few minutes. Our seasoned team ensures a seamless and efficient selling experience, and we provide the most competitive buyback prices in the market. Payment can be conveniently received through a bank transfer.



Bullion and gold coin collections hold a profound and storied history, and preserving this legacy is paramount. Proper storage is essential to ensure the protection of your precious metals, thereby safeguarding their value and securing a substantial return for your heirs when it’s time to sell.


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London’s preferred gold dealer and precious metal partner for private clients and family offices from all over the world. We understand that every client is different, which is why we work with you to create a proposal that works for you.

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Sell your gold or silver bullion & coins to Baldwins Bullion – we’re here to help you at every step.

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